11. Dal Soup

Healthy Indian soup made up of lentils simmered with
leafy green, spices, and herbs.


12. Tomato Soup

The most favorite soup of our customer’s, prepared with fresh Tomato’s, Garnished fresh cream.


13. Vegetable Clear Soup

Healthy soup flavored with Indian spices covered with seasonal vegetables.


14. Chicken Clear Soup

Healthy chicken soup flavored with Indian spices and add some
seasonal vegetables.


15. Hot or Sour Soup (Vegetable or Chicken)

Real Spicy soup with chicken or Vegetables optional with egg.
The best option when you have cold & cough


16. Chicken Manchow Soup

Popular soup in Indian Chinese cuisine made up of vegetables, scallion, and chicken and thicken with cornflour and egg flavored with generous doses of soya sauce salt garlic chilly pepper, and predominantly ginger and
garnished with chopped spring onion.

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