Vegetarian Specialties

58. Vegetable Korma

A beautiful assortment of mixed vegetables cooked in spices, cream and fruit.


59. Vegetable Kofta

Spiced Vegetable Dumplings cooked in delicious gravy of onions, chopped nuts, coconut, cream and fenugreek leaves


60. Malai Kofta

Delicious dumplings of cashew coconut sultanas and potatoes finished in a delicate cream sauce.


61. Matar Paneer

Home-made paneer, peas and spices cooked in rich gravy.


62. Aloo Matar

Potatoes and peas cooked in the chef’s special sauce of yoghurt and mint.


63. Baingan Masala

Delicious eggplant simmered in capsicum onions and tomatoes with delicate spices


64. Bindi Masala

Tender okra cooked with caramelised onions and
Gujarati spice


65. Chana Masala

Whole chick peas cooked in masala infused with amchoor, ginger & orianer finished with tomatieos.


66. Okra Jalfrezi

Okra finished with green capsicums and onions in a
mint yoghurt mustard sauce.


67. Paneer Jalfrezi

Beautiful cubes of home-made paneer, finished in mint and mustard with capsicums, onions, yoghurt and crushed red chilies.


68. Saag Aloo

Potatoes rubbed in turmeric and finished in chopped spinach.


69. Aloo Gobi

Delicious potatoes and cauliflower soaked in lime juice
with dry ground spices.


70. Palak Paneer

Home-made diced cottage cheese cooked in chopped spinach and tomatoes.


71. Dhal Tarka

Red lentils infused with black mustard & cumin seeds finished with tomatoes & onions.


72. Broccoli Masala

Broccoli, mushroom and capsicum, spiced and
finished in a special onion sauce


73. Shahi Paneer

Home made cottage cheese, cubed then simmered in
a rich butter sauce with capsicum.


74. Paneer Pasanda

Seasonal boiled vegetables fried with Ghee, pepper and salt


75. Malai Methi Paneer

Smashed potato with fried onions, spices then battered with
chickpea flour and fried.

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